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Computer viruses are getting more creative and aggressive than ever. Every day there are news stories about devastating viruses like ransomware, extortionware and several other kinds of malware. At Bradfrod IT Guy, we make it a priority to educate our clients on how to keep their information, identities, and families safe. Our expert technicians will guide you through selecting the right software and tools to protect your information and keep you from a potentially devastating situation. We offer industry-leading products and solutions that are easy to use and will protect your identity, personal information, and your computer files.

Contact us today to speak with a technician about keeping information safe on your computer, laptop or desktop device.

Leading Security Services Technology

Our team has experience providing industry-leading security services including:
Identity Theft Protection
Private Browsing
Virtual Private Network for Privacy and Security
Virus and Malware Protection
Ad Tracking Protection
Private Online Searches


Other Reasons to Use Computer Security Services

Trained engineers with years of experience
Industry-Leading Protection Software Solutions
Support for all operating systems
Extraordinary success rates for protection and recovery
Emergency services





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